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Episode 4 - Ideation and New Product Developer Bryan Mattimore

Bryan Mattimore is one of America's top experts in applied creativity, ideation facilitation and innovation management. In his career, he has facilitated more than 1500 marketing and business strategy ideation sessions.  Listen up as Bryan discusses his transformation from rational, Ivy League scholar to one of the world's leaders in creativity processes.

In his new book Idea Stormers Bryan explains the how, what, and why of successful innovation and ideation. He presents a diverse selection of easy-to-learn idea-generating techniques such as “brainwalking,” turning your worst ideas into surprising solutions, wishing your way to real results, and many more. He also provides a framework for how anyone tasked with getting creative results from a group—what he calls a “facilitating leader”—can put these techniques to work.

Stick with the interview and you will hear Bryan's take on the role marketing research should play in the fuzzy front end of innovation. Also, be sure to listen up for a Red Dawn reference! Hey, its the first podcast of the fall so this episode pairs well with a nice, robust red. Might I suggest Cannonball Cabranet Sauvignon? 

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