Uncorking a Story

I’ll admit it, I love a good story where the good guys win and Steve August is a good guy. I know this interview may be a bit “Inside Research” for you, but if you are looking to be inspired by the story of a guy who identified a need, built a technology to meet that need, and then sold his company to someone who saw the value in it then listen up!

Steve is the founder of Revelation, a research technology company he sold to FocusVision – but he wasn’t always in the research business. In fact, before founding Revelation, he was never in the research business at all. He was a singer/songwriter making a living in clay animation, video documentaries, and even web mastering in the early days of the Internet as a commercial medium. Hell, before Revelation, Steve was in museum exhibit development and if that sounds interesting to you, wait to you hear it in Steve’s words!

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Enjoy the interview.

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