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Karen Rands is the founder and CEO of Kugarand Capital Holdings. She’s also the author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.

Having my career in the mid 1990s during the dot com tech boom, I heard the term Angel Investing daily at least four times before lunch. Karen’s new book is geared towards teaching potential angel investors the ins and outs of growing their wealth through what she calls Compassionate Capitalism.

Compassion isn’t something you ever hear alongside capitalism. If capitalism is all about survival of the fittest, there’s no room for what we might think as compassion when going head to head with competition. Karen bridges the divide between the terms by redefining compassion, which she believes is formed from the idea that entrepreneurs have passions for their ideas and build companies around them. Compassion, to her, is the creating of a company that is passionate about the potential to change the world.

In Compassionate Capitalism, we have an environment where money makers enable others to bring innovation to the market and, by doing so, create jobs and wealth for all involved. When investors use their money and talents as compassionate capitalists, it’s Karen’s belief that they will feel an emotional abundance existing alongside the wealth they’ve created.

Karen Rands is giving away an estimated $10,000 worth of her book Inside Secrets to Angel Investing this labor day weekend. Click here to download your free copy between September 1st and 2nd.

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