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Look up the definition of Renaissance man in the dictionary and I’m pretty sure you will find a picture of Aug Stone. He’s a singer/songwriter, author, and comic whose alter ego Young Southpaw has been described as a character who traffics in short, memorized bursts of pun-filled, pop-cultural streams of consciousness.

I recently sat down with Aug to discuss his careers as a musician, author, and comic. Along the way we touch upon Van Halen, overcoming introversion to become a world-class performer, Chinese astrology, and, of course, the birth of Young Southpaw. I also learned that, at a young age, he wanted to be a wizard when he grew up but had to “settle” for being a professional musician. While all of that made for a very entertaining interview, I  think what I loved most about our chat was realizing that Aug embodies a certain characteristic that I’ve uncovered in many of the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed on Uncorking a Story—the ability to put thought into action.

You can pick up his novel, Off License to Kill, here, or wherever you prefer to buy books online. For more on Aug, visit www.AugStone.com and www.YoungSouthpaw.com (to have your mind blown).

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Sit tight and strap in because this inaugural episode of the Open Mike Podcast starts in Brooklyn, takes a trip to Paris Island, and involves hookers, practical jokes on a national scale, and an angry Russian woman who apparently doesn’t like horse racing in the Poconos. That’s because it features an in-depth conversation with comedian Frank Murgalo.

Before being a comic, Frank was a Marine, a copier salesman, owned a staffing agency, and was a financial advisor—and those are only the jobs we know about. I asked Frank how he got into stand-up comedy and I think he only answers it after speaking with me for an hour, because his life before stand-up was so very interesting.

Listen in as we discuss how Frank lost 12lbs in one day during basic training, how he became a master of making bigger rocks into smaller rocks, and how Mad Men wasn’t very far off when it came to certain elements of client service, but these are all his stories to tell so listen in and hear them all.

For all you comedians out there, Frank books a paid bringer show at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT on Thursday nights and as of now he’s still looking for some comics for September 12th. The show is hosted by the one and only Pat Oats who is a tremendous comic and very generous with his time and advice so get some stage time, a few bucks in your pocket, and some mentorship. To check availability, email frank by clicking here.  Enjoy the show.

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Nick Breen is a Connecticut Based comic who, on the surface, appears to be a passenger on the crazy train, but once you get to know him you realize he’s in complete control of the ride. He’s one of the most ambitious comics on the Connecticut circuit and perhaps one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met.

Listen up as we talk about what drives him comedically and join us on a wild ride beginning in Westchester County, NY and then off to the bay area of California. From there it’s off to rural Illinois before finally stopping in Milford, CT. Along the way we take a deep dive into the range of life experiences he’s had, all of which influence what propels him forward and why he bears his soul on stage in a quest to connect with the audience and, of course, make them laugh.

Follow Nick Breen on Instagram @nick_am_

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David Bell is the USA Today-bestselling author of eight novels from Berkley/Penguin, including Layover, which will be released on July 2nd 2019. His work has been translated into numerous foreign languages, and in 2013, he won the prestigious Prix Polar International de Cognac for best crime novel by an international author.  

Listen in as we discuss how David went from working gigs in restaurants as well as in telemarketing to becoming a published author. Along the way we talk about our shared experiences being raised Catholic, why it’s so important to keep at it when dealing with rejection, and how it’s absolutely possible for zombie stories to have social commentary.

In addition to being a successful author of thrillers, David is an associate professor of English at Western Kentucky University where he directs the MFA program in creative writing.

You can learn more about David at www.davidbellnovels.com.


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From as far back as she can remember, Colleen Georges, Ph.D.  felt a calling to help others. It led her to pursue a doctorate in counseling psychology and serve as a Therapeutic Assistant for teens in foster care experiencing emotional/behavioral issues. 

Currently, she helps her clients achieve greater happiness in their personal and professional lives. She also runs optimism wellness groups, and facilitates personal, career, and staff development workshops. 

In her new book RESCRIPT the Story You’re Telling Yourself: The Eight Practices to Quiet Your Inner Antagonist, Amplify Your Inner Advocate, & Author a Limitless Life, Dr. Colleen guides you on a self-authorship journey using the eight practices of her RESCRIPT framework. You’ll discover how to:

  • Identify limiting stories you’re telling yourself that are keeping you stuck
  • Quiet your Inner Antagonist quickly so it doesn’t hinder you
  • Amplify your Inner Advocate to cultivate positive thoughts and actions
  • Stop criticizing yourself, dwelling on the past, and fearing the future
  • Recognize your self-worth so you can set and achieve your goals

If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, listen in as we discuss why Jon Bon Jovi is a national treasure, why 80’s metal is still relevant 30 years later, and why Don Draper’s words of wisdom remain true long after Mad Men has ended, “If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.”

You can learn more about Dr. Colleen Georges by clicking here

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Early in her career, Karen Mangia followed a very conventional formula for success—say yes to everything, deliver with excellence, and never let them see you sweat. It worked wonderfully for a while, until it didn’t.

At the age of 33, Karen faced an undiagnosed illness—she didn't know what to call it, and neither did a team of five doctors. This forced Karen to reimagine what success means, and at that time success meant getting healthy. When things were asked of her, Karen would pause and ask herself, will this help me achieve my goal? She realized that she could no longer say yes to everything and this her filter changed her life.

Eventually Karen was properly diagnosed, and while her health returned she didn’t abandon her newfound philosophy—instead, she continued to be more selective about the projects she took on and learned how to work through others and lead others more effectively to get work done. Her story was so powerful that she was encouraged to speak about it publicly and that led to someone encouraging her to capturing it in book form.

In Success with Less Karen provides the guidance that we all need to get through the crossroads we all face. For our career, our relationships, our health and our life: what we really need is less than what we imagine. And we won't find what's missing by striving, racing, acquiring and struggling. That's because what we need is inside of us, right now, and this book shows us how to find it.

Learn more at http://successwithless.net/

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Laura Vanderkam helps people spend more time on what matters, and less on what doesn’t.

She is the bestselling author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast and Off The Clock, among others. Her 2016 TED talk, "How to Gain Control of Your Free Time," has been viewed more than 5 million times. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesFortune, and other publications.

Her latest book, which will be available for sale on March 12th, is entitled Juliet’s School of Possibilities and is a must read for anyone who struggles with remaining present in the moment, even in the face of outside pressure. It is considered the first parable written for women, by a woman, but that doesn’t mean men won’t get something out of it as well. Pre-order Laura’s book by clicking on any of the bookstores on this page.  

 Enjoy the show!

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Look up the term Renaissance man in the dictionary, and I’m sure you will see a picture of Kevin A Knight. He started his own company and serves as an independent marketing research consultant to many leading global corporations. He’s also an avid runner and said goodbye to his running shoes as a way to reduce pain in his hip and back. Not only did the pain go away, but he gained wonderful insights while he ran.

In Connections in the Raw: Musings of a Barefoot Runner, Kevin chronicles stories and insights from years of barefoot running. He shares his perspective that deep connections exist in our lives between us and the Creator, other people, and with nature, and that we all have access to wisdom that is rewarded to all who will listen. 

When he’s not out for a run or working with a client, Kevin spends his time trying to make the world a better place. He is passionate about education reform, specifically in underserved communities. He has sat on the boards of various schools and spends most Friday mornings reading to third- and fourth-graders at a school near his home in Norwalk, Connecticut because he believes nothing keeps one grounded like visiting schools and interacting with young people. He has been a vegetarian for over three decades and loves reading, martial arts, sports, and the theater. He is active in his church where he facilitates a Bible study group and teaches Sunday school.

Kevin is married to his wonderful, giving wife who is a marriage and family therapist, and they have three adult children, who occasionally go for a run with him—wearing shoes.

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