Uncorking a Story

David Bell is the USA Today-bestselling author of eight novels from Berkley/Penguin, including Layover, which will be released on July 2nd 2019. His work has been translated into numerous foreign languages, and in 2013, he won the prestigious Prix Polar International de Cognac for best crime novel by an international author.  

Listen in as we discuss how David went from working gigs in restaurants as well as in telemarketing to becoming a published author. Along the way we talk about our shared experiences being raised Catholic, why it’s so important to keep at it when dealing with rejection, and how it’s absolutely possible for zombie stories to have social commentary.

In addition to being a successful author of thrillers, David is an associate professor of English at Western Kentucky University where he directs the MFA program in creative writing.

You can learn more about David at www.davidbellnovels.com.


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