Uncorking a Story

Sit tight and strap in because this inaugural episode of the Open Mike Podcast starts in Brooklyn, takes a trip to Paris Island, and involves hookers, practical jokes on a national scale, and an angry Russian woman who apparently doesn’t like horse racing in the Poconos. That’s because it features an in-depth conversation with comedian Frank Murgalo.

Before being a comic, Frank was a Marine, a copier salesman, owned a staffing agency, and was a financial advisor—and those are only the jobs we know about. I asked Frank how he got into stand-up comedy and I think he only answers it after speaking with me for an hour, because his life before stand-up was so very interesting.

Listen in as we discuss how Frank lost 12lbs in one day during basic training, how he became a master of making bigger rocks into smaller rocks, and how Mad Men wasn’t very far off when it came to certain elements of client service, but these are all his stories to tell so listen in and hear them all.

For all you comedians out there, Frank books a paid bringer show at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT on Thursday nights and as of now he’s still looking for some comics for September 12th. The show is hosted by the one and only Pat Oats who is a tremendous comic and very generous with his time and advice so get some stage time, a few bucks in your pocket, and some mentorship. To check availability, email frank by clicking here.  Enjoy the show.

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Nick Breen is a Connecticut Based comic who, on the surface, appears to be a passenger on the crazy train, but once you get to know him you realize he’s in complete control of the ride. He’s one of the most ambitious comics on the Connecticut circuit and perhaps one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met.

Listen up as we talk about what drives him comedically and join us on a wild ride beginning in Westchester County, NY and then off to the bay area of California. From there it’s off to rural Illinois before finally stopping in Milford, CT. Along the way we take a deep dive into the range of life experiences he’s had, all of which influence what propels him forward and why he bears his soul on stage in a quest to connect with the audience and, of course, make them laugh.

Follow Nick Breen on Instagram @nick_am_

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