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Julie Ryan McGue was born in Chicago, Illinois. She and her identical twin sister were adopted together. Her debut memoir, Twice a Daughter: A Search for Identity, Family, and Belonging is about the search for birth relatives.

Listen in as we discuss what prompted her to find her birth parents, the emotions she experienced along the way, and what this experience has taught her about herself. This conversation also prompted me to share the adoption story within my own family of origin. It’s a very powerful conversation and when I know you will enjoy.

In her other writing, Julie focuses on about finding out who you are, where you belong, and making sense of it. Her weekly blogs focus on identity, family, and life's quirky moments. If she's not at her computer writing, she's out exploring with her camera, or on the tennis court. She is the mother of four adult children and splits her time between NW Indiana and Sarasota. You can follow her at https://www.juliemcgueauthor.com.

Her book will be released on May 11th and is available for pre-order now. While you can pre-order it wherever books are sold online, we’d like you to consider supporting your local independent bookstore and preordering through Bookshop.org where every purchase helps support local, independently owned bookstores.

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This past weekend, my sister gave me one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received—a stack of letters I had written to my grandparents back in the 1980s. This inspired me to record and share this episode with you. 

Reaching out and touching someone used to mean picking up the phone and calling them. Today, it means Facetiming them or maybe just sending them a text. How about this, instead of doing that, why not write an old-fashioned letter? Fold it in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and send it by mail. Sure it will take a lot longer to get to the recipient than an email or text, but some things are worth waiting for.

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This week I sat in on the first of hopefully many episodes of Comedy Roads, an online show featuring interviews with established stand up comedians reflecting on their path to success. It's hosted by the one and only Bob DiBuono.

A-Lister Eddie Brill told a story about performing in front of 12 people that I'll never forget and it inspired me to reflect on the importance of always giving 100% whenever you make a commitment to something.

Find more about Comedy Roads by clicking here. 

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Today we are going to switch gears a bit as I'd like to share with you the first chapter of my latest book The Ruin of Souls.

Now look, I'm not a professional voiceover artist nor am I an audio engineer, so keep both in mind as you listen in.

If you like what you hear and want to listen to more, let me know by emailing michael.carlon@uncorkingastory.com. if there's enough interest, I'll release the second and third chapters.

As always, thanks for listening.

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This is the second part of my interview with my twin brother, Jim Carlon. In it, we discuss his decision to join the Jag Corps at almost 40 years of age and why that marked such a turning point in his life. Buckle in and grab the Kleenex. 

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I have easily interviewed a few thousand people in my career as a moderator and interviewer. I can honestly say that Interviewing my twin brother about his book, Conversation with a Desperate Man, was one of the toughest interviews I’ve ever had to conduct. It isn’t easy hearing someone you love describe the pain they’ve faced in their lives and the darkness that enveloped them. But his story isn’t a tragedy; far from it. It’s actually a love story and you will hear how Jim was able to overcome the challenges he faced.

I had to cut it into two parts because, frankly, it’s a lot to take in at once. Also, Jimmy can be a bit long winded, but I didn’t want to cut anything. Look for the second part to be released this Friday.

If you know someone who would appreciate listening to this interview, please share it with them. Jim’s book is available for sale now in paperback or ebook formats wherever books are sold online. Why not show a little love to your local independent bookshop and ask if they can order it for you? 

As always, thanks for listening.

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