Uncorking a Story

An interview I did this week got me to thinking about how little things can make a big difference.

This one Uncorks a story about U2 and a Bodega owner I met this week whose business is being threatened by the pandemic. Listen in to see the connection between them. Trust me, it will be one to grow on.

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While interviewing author Christina Sweeney-Baird about her debut novel The End of Men, I started thinking about how most authors, and other creators in the arts including comics and actors, have to work additional jobs long before they can earn a living off of their art. Christina herself is a lawyer (but I don't think she'll have to practice law for long as she's quite a gifted writer).

Her full story will be shared in April closer in to her book's publication date. For now, though, her story got me thinking about the importance of living a dual life when you are just starting to explore your passion in the arts. It also reminded me of a character I created—Kelly Carson—who was leading a secret life but just didn't know it. You see, he had a secret identity hiding just beneath the surface and it took a fiery red headed actress on the run to bring it out his inner Superman. His name is Kelly Carson and he’s the protagonist in All the F*ucks I Cannot Give

The audio book recently came out and I wanted to share the first few chapters with you here. If you like what you hear, please consider buying it on either Amazon or Audible. Mike Dawson did a great job with the narration and really brought the story to life.

Happy Listening

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