Uncorking a Story (Biography)

I first met Shelley Zalis when I was working for Unilever and she was invited to speak at an offsite meeting.  She broke two rules during her presentation; 1.  She divulged her age and 2. She quoted Yoda.  Most women don’t do those kinds of things; then again, most women aren’t Shelley Zalis.

I was excited to catch up with Shelley in the private lounge of the Ritz Carlton hotel overlooking Central Park. Today she is the CEO of Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange; a product of Ipsos' 2010 acquisition of her former company OTX Research (listen to the podcast to learn how this came full circle for Shelley).

If I could use only one word to summarize Shelley, it would have to be passionate.  When Shelley has an idea stuck in her head, she pursues it until it becomes a reality. If someone tells her it can’t be done, that only motivates her more to make it happen.  Listen up as Shelley discusses her career path and the lessons she has learned along the way (like how to speak EBITDA).

I will forewarn you that there is a lot of industry talk in this podcast (and a few F-Bombs).  If you stick with it though you will get a glimpse at the softer side of Shelley Zalis.

Given that it is Spring, this episode pairs well with a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc; might I recommend Kim Crawford?

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Episode 4 - Ideation and New Product Developer Bryan Mattimore

Bryan Mattimore is one of America's top experts in applied creativity, ideation facilitation and innovation management. In his career, he has facilitated more than 1500 marketing and business strategy ideation sessions.  Listen up as Bryan discusses his transformation from rational, Ivy League scholar to one of the world's leaders in creativity processes.

In his new book Idea Stormers Bryan explains the how, what, and why of successful innovation and ideation. He presents a diverse selection of easy-to-learn idea-generating techniques such as “brainwalking,” turning your worst ideas into surprising solutions, wishing your way to real results, and many more. He also provides a framework for how anyone tasked with getting creative results from a group—what he calls a “facilitating leader”—can put these techniques to work.

Stick with the interview and you will hear Bryan's take on the role marketing research should play in the fuzzy front end of innovation. Also, be sure to listen up for a Red Dawn reference! Hey, its the first podcast of the fall so this episode pairs well with a nice, robust red. Might I suggest Cannonball Cabranet Sauvignon? 

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Episode 1 - Sirius XM Radio Personality Dave Dwyer, CSP

Listen up as Mike and guest co-host Wendy talk to Sirius XM Radio Personality Dave Dwyer about his early days at MTV, his time at Comedy Central, and what can best be termed about his higher calling. This episode pairs well with a nice crisp white!

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